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Brexit: The Referendum

In Britain the wide debate focuses around an in- and an out-campaign. But where does this brilliant idea to have a referendum based on a simple in or out come from anyway? If carefully conducted studies commissioned by the House of Lords show there is no significant room for the rebalancing of competences, why have… » read more

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On subsidiarity

Subsidiarity has been part and parcel of the current debate on the balance of competences between the EU and the member states. Historically the concept can allegedly be ascribed to the theologian Oswald von Nell-Breuning. It was first taken over by the Catholic Church in its Social Teaching as part of the encyclical Quadragesimo Anno.… » read more

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Not failing to understand that we do not entirely live in a world full of idealists, I believe that it wouldn’t be an unwarranted question for the British to ask themselves what the values are they share with Europe and how they can contribute to the realization of these through the European project. This insight… » read more

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